Real Good Pie

Soft, melty chocolate, toasted walnuts and a sugary center. This indulgent pie leaves nothing to be desired.



I struggle with pie. I think I love every dessert, even those sucky ones at all-you-can-eat sushi places. But pie is usually fruit-filled and, when pressed to choose between the two, I'll always take a chocolate option over a fruity one. (Full disclosure: I'll usually take both and become very physically uncomfortable)


But pie is still, you know, it's pie. Pie is a humble work of art. It's what your aunts  bring to Thanksgiving to take you from 'full' to 'oh my God why.' It's our culture, it's classic and it's modern. And sure, there's chocolate cream pie and French silk pie, both great. Peanut butter pie, I'm gonna blog about that beautiful specimen eventually. But I think we could use another option in the "decadent" pie category. Not a cream pie, not a fruit pie. So I'm going to call this Real Good Pie. Also considering You Have Everything You Need To Make This In Your Pantry Pie. It's a bit like a chocolate chip cookie that you can eat with a spoon. Except it's even better. It has perfect, flaky pastry, salty toasted walnuts and, obviously after my little rant, chocolate. It's real good. 



To toast your walnuts, throw them in a hot, dry pan and toss them around pretty constantly. Nuts have a high fat content and will burn easily, so keep them moving. Once you can really smell the toasty nuttiness, they're done. This is a quick step that will make a huge difference in flavour. But do this ahead of time! Adding warm walnuts with your chocolate chips will make them melty and sad. Let the oven do the melting. 


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