Mars-filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Your average chocolate chip cookies, except cup-shaped, oh and filled with Mars bar bits. 


I know, I know, you have the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe! And so does your neighbour, your great aunt and my ophthalmologist. I'm sure it's just perfect. But it doesn't have a creamy milk chocolate and caramel center, does it? These cookie cups are baked in a mini-muffin tin, so they're still perfect cookie jar size. Also small enough to sneak a few without a nosey toddler noticing. Their miniature-ness means an ideal cookie-to-Mars Bar ratio... 



Don't just limit yourself to Mars bars, use whatever candy bar makes you happy. And if you're feeling extra crave-y, use a regular muffin tin instead of the mini. Ooo and put ice cream on top when you eat it. That sounds great. 

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