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Halloween Bark


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Halloween Bark

Chelsey Heidman

If there's one thing kids are good at, it's throwing things around. This chocolatey Halloween bark is the perfect recipe to get kids in the kitchen, plus it's simple and delicious. You can use up some Halloween candy if you'd like, too! 


There's a lot of room for variance with this project, so get creative! It's not so much a recipe as it is a list of ingredients, which is great news for people who screw things up a lot (me.) Collect whatever candies/sprinkles/decorations you want to use for this - anything goes!

I made my bark with Snickers, soft caramels, Reeses Pieces and a couple of different Halloween sprinkle combos from Bulk Barn. But really, use any candies and decorations you have on hand or that you prefer. Are you among the 3% of human adults (fake statistic) who actually enjoy candy corn? Throw some of those on there, too. At least you wont have to share! 


Basically, you're just going to melt chocolate, spread it out and throw some candy on it. But it is important to pay attention to what chocolate you're using. Personally, I went with melting chocolate. This isn't the highest quality chocolate, but it's designed to be melted down and will re-harden on it's own. If you're looking for a higher-quality chocolate for your bark, you'll have to temper it in order to get it firm again. Tempering is the process of raising, lowering, and re-raising the temperature of your chocolate to very specific points in order to rearrange the molecules in the chocolate. I did this A LOT while training for a pastry competition back in culinary school and I didn't feel like getting in to all that work with a baby on my back and Lily relentlessly asking what she could do next. So, it's okay, take the shortcut. Go for the melting chocolate.


Tape parchment paper to your countertop or cutting board to make your life easier when spreading the melted chocolate.



I also used Wilton's candy melts in purple, orange, and turquoise to add a festive pop of colour to the bark. They're great, they melt beautifully and are super convenient. I toss a few in a microwave-safe sandwich bag, melt them in the microwave (knead them every 15 seconds or so) and then I can just snip off a corner and drizzle away. 




Lily really had fun making this with me, so I encourage other parents to try this, too. It's so easy and it whips up quickly enough that you probably wont loose anybody's attention. They'll feel so proud of themselves when they see their final product looking festively vibrant and delicious. Don't forget to take a picture and tag me @Chelsey_TheBakeSite on Instagram so I can see what you're making! I'd love to feature you. Have fun with this one and Happy Halloween!


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