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Pioneer Woman's Incredible Pecan Pie


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Pioneer Woman's Incredible Pecan Pie

Chelsey Heidman

This year, I'm thankful for my 3 happy, thriving children, my beautiful home and Cory, my perfect person. And this rich, sweet, sticky, crunchy, buttery, heavenly pecan pie recipe from The Pioneer Woman. In no particular order. 


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This year was the first time that I've ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner myself. I usually help my mum a bit, or bring a couple of desserts, but this year we had my in-laws over to our place for dinner. I don't have an interesting story about it, we had a delicious meal and, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed our family time. But the best part of Thanksgiving this year was this incredible pie.

As a lover of sugary sweets and tooth decay, pecan pie has always been high on my list. It's (sort of) like a big ole butter tart, which is right up there on said list. The texture is hard to describe, but it's sticky and satisfying.



I can't tell you the cumulative hours I've probably spent gently placing pecan halves on top of the liquid filling, just so, then cautiously walking the pies over to the oven while holding my breath. I can't say I've ever really enjoyed making pecan pie for that reason; it's finicky and the beauty of the final product is compromised as soon as it's sliced. But this particular pie is different - the pecans are chopped and placed in the crust first. Whoa, unfamiliar territory. WHOA.


I was a little weary of this approach, but willing to give it a try. And, as far as I'm concerned, the pie still turned out beautifully! As soon as you lay eyes on this friendly little pie, you know you're in for a toasty, caramelized treat.

a beautiful shot of the pioneer woman's pecan pie before slicing

When you pour the pie filling over the pecans, they slowly float up to the surface. That means each little nut chunk gets sufficiently coated in this sugary mixture, and since sugar + heat = caramel, you're basically a candy making guru by the time this comes out of the oven. The only thing better than pecans is candied pecans. And the only thing better than candying them yourself is letting the oven do the work. Time for it to pull a little weight in this relationship, ya know?

Another game-changer for me is the melted butter in this recipe. Some pecan pie recipes will call for butter, some will not. But this recipe hits the balance perfectly. The butter sings a quiet harmony while the pecans and the gooey filling really shine. How sweet.

The baking time seems to be pretty variable with this pie. I baked it for 60 minutes but it can go anywhere from 50 TO 75, according to the original recipe. When done, it should definitely have a slight jiggle to it, but it shouldn't have any 'slosh.' Does that make sense? Just a jiggle, no slosh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Make this pie for any occasion. For every occasion, if you want. Any season, doesn't have to be fall. It may look humble, but oh my-lanta, is it delicious. Let me know if you plan on giving it a try, or shoot me a photo when it's done - I'd love to see your versions! Post it on instagram and tag @TheBakeSite and I'll definitely share your photo!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving, ya turkeys!




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