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The Bake site, based just outside of Barrie, Ontario, features intriguing blog posts, recipes and pro tips from Bake. Here you'll find delicious recipe ideas and great tutorials to help the home baker or any lover of sweets. Customers can also purchase gourmet baking mixes to bake homemade or give as unique gifts!


About Bake


About Bake Gourmet Gifts

Hey! I'm Chelsey, a scatter-brained baker and mum of 3. I love to bake, I've been doing it for years and have learned from and trained under some seriously talented bakers and chefs. 'Bake' is a business born of a lot of experimentation with some occasional success that I'm excited to share with you all! 

I love to create new things and develop my own techniques. I approach my projects with some textbook knowledge and some creative improvisation. Our Gourmet Gifts are a reflection of this blend of unique refinement that allow me to do what I love most - share something beautiful and delicious with other people. Every item you see here is hand made with a love that comes only from the passion behind it all.