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The Bake site, based just outside of Barrie, Ontario, features intriguing blog posts, recipes and pro tips from Bake. Here you'll find delicious recipe ideas and great tutorials to help the home baker or any lover of sweets. Customers can also purchase gourmet baking mixes to bake homemade or give as unique gifts!

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Bake is run by a stay at home mom of twin babies and a toddler with a dream to be a work from home mom. My passion for baking, the best recipes and beautiful, unique gifts are what drive this local small business. Bake is located just outside of Barrie, Ontario.

About Bake

I'm Chelsey, a scatter-brained baker and mum of 3. I love to bake, I've been doing it for years and have learned from and trained under some seriously talented bakers and chefs. 'Bake' is a business born of a lot of experimentation with some occasional success that I'm excited to talk about! But pastry purists, beware: many things are not sacred here. 

There are a lot of things I love and I have trouble focusing on any one of them. I enjoy the simplicity of traditional, handmade pastries and sweets, but also love to experiment with the refinement and perfection of cake decorating and other pastry art. So throughout my blog, you'll see me pulling from a few different corners of my mind and burring the lines between frenzied zombie mom with a hunger and a white-coat semi-pro trying to hone my skills.

I'm also excited to finally have my gourmet baking mixes and gift sets available for purchase right here on the Bake site! I've worked so hard to perfect these recipes so that I can share them with you and your loved ones. The only thing better than freshly baked treats coming out of my oven is freshly baked treats coming out of yours! 

Thanks for visiting my kitchen on the web, it's awesome that you're here! Look around, leave me some comments and enjoy!